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1640 Quiz Page 3

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Click the button to select your answer. At the end of the page, click the "check" button to see how you did or "start over" to clear your answers. You will see the number and percentage you got right. The blank box above each question will say "right" or "wrong". You can change just the wrong ones and click "check" again without starting over. Later questions may give away answers to earlier questions, so try not to look ahead. This is meant as a teaching tool, not a test of test taking skills, so there are no trick questions, at least not on purpose.

  1. Scottish soldiers expect to
    Go home when the campaign is over
    Stay in the army for years
    Go to the continent
    Occupy England
    Take a trip to EuroDisney

  2. The inciting issue of the dispute over Episcopal authority was
    Charles putting Scotland under the Archbishop of Canterbury
    The signing of the National Covenant
    Charles became a Catholic
    The imposition of the Anglican prayer book on all Charles' subjects
    A retractable roof on Edinburgh Cathedral

  3. Protests started with
    The signing of the National Covenant
    Charles crossing the border with an English army
    The siezure of Edinburgh Castle
    Janet Geddes threw her stool at a deacon in Edinburgh Cathedral who tried to use the Anglican prayer book

  4. What happened to the army raised in 1639?
    Captured by England
    Disbanded when peace made with the king
    Sent to the continent
    Defected to the Royalists
    Sent to Guantanamo Bay

  5. Why did the Scottish Parliament start recruiting again in 1640?
    To send another army to Germany
    Decided Scotland needed a standing army
    Charles asked the English Parliament for money for another war
    Planned to intervene in Ireland
    Occupation duty in Basra

  6. If it's spring, we are
    Gathering in southern Scotland
    Invading England
    Occupying Newcastle
    Enjoying shorts weather

  7. In early summer, we are
    Gathering in southern Scotland
    Invading England
    Occupying Newcastle
    Complaining about heat and mosquitos

  8. In August, we are
    Gathering in southern Scotland
    Invading England
    Occupying Newcastle
    Taking that month long vacation they get in Europe

  9. In Fall, we are
    Gathering in southern Scotland
    Invading England
    Occupying Newcastle
    Enjoying balmy weather, no rain or cold at all

  10. Charles planned to invade by
    Sending a fleet up the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh
    Marching the English army up the East coast
    Sending an Irish army up the West coast
    All of the above

  11. Why did the Scots invade England?
    Retreating from Royalist attack in the North
    The English were still disorganized
    Needed to capture English supplies
    Expected Irish help
    To enjoy tourist season in London

  12. The one battle of the war was on August 28 at
    Newburn on Tyne
    Brig O' Dee

  13. Why did the Scots win?
    More experienced generals
    Charles didn't use veterans of Swedish service
    More and bigger cannon
    Superior numbers
    After all those defeats, the English thought we should get to win one
    The first four

  14. After the battle above, the Scots
    Went home
    Occupied Newcastle
    Marched towards London
    Laid siege to York
    Bent over and lifted their kilts like in "Braveheart"

  15. The war ended with the Treaty of Ripon on October 26, in which
    Charles agreed to pay for maintenance of the Scottish army in northern England
    Charles agreed to recall the English Parliament
    The Scots recognized Charles' right to appoint bishops
    Presbyterianism was imposed in England
    The first two
    The last two

  16. The English parliament called by Charles eventually
    Gave Charles money for another invasion
    Imposed Anglicanism on Scotland
    Recognized Irish independence
    Overthrew Charles and whacked his head off


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